We are the change we wish to see in the World!

Derrick Young is an amazing person and role model!  He currently works as the Traffic Reporter for CBS News, and 46 years ago he was in Mrs. Kilgore's first ever kindergarten class! 

He still remembers the impact she has had on his life and attributes much of his success to superhero teachers like Mrs. Kilgore and all of the staff at Walker School.  

He spoke with all students in an assembly in the morning and emphasized how important it is to be a responsible student today and do what is right.  It is easy to give into temptation, but listening to your superhero teachers and parents, and to their advice is important because, he says, they actually do know what they are talking about!  

He is a fun and refreshing model for our students, he spent all morning with Mrs. Kilgore's class, and spoke about them this morning on the news.  Thank you Mr. Young for all you do for our youth, and thank you Mrs. Kilgore and all of the teachers at Walker School for the difference you make in the lives of children and adults every day!!