Wharton School is the oldest building in Cook County School District 104. Nestled in the heart of the Argo neighborhood, this building was erected in 1912, and it was originally called Argo School. Dr. Donald Wharton was the principal of this school for many years, and the building was eventually renamed in his honor. In 2004, this became the site of the district’s fifth grade center, which allowed for all students from the district to join and attend a building in preparation for the transition to middle school. In 2023, Wharton transitioned back to a K - 5th school. Wharton is steeped in tradition, and the staff enthusiastically works to prepare students for the next step on the educational journey. Clubs and activities are plentiful at Wharton, and students make exceptional educational gains and memories during their years at Wharton. The Wharton mission statement is Wharton School has high expectations to ensure all students succeed.